CAMLogic has been in the industrial automation and control equipment sector since 1964. The experience gained through the years allowed us to become one of the most specialized firms building capacitive, conductive, bladed level gauges, flow meters for liquid, high temperature materials.

CAMLogic produces its measuring instruments taking care of design, production, servicing and sales.


Level gauges for dosing and handling of powders and granulates such as: feed, flour, plastic granules, lime, chipboard and such.


Instruments for liquid level control, both conductive and unconductive.

High temperature

Level gauges for situations where internal silo temperature is very high. Different versions are available: 200°C Max - 400°C Max - 600°C Max.


Level gauges used in contact with solid or liquid corrosive materials. All the parts in contact with the material are in stainless steel (AISI 304 unless stated otherwise).


CAMLogic produces devices based on different working principles, in order to respond to the manifold necessities that can be found in the movement, control or storage of the various materials. Bladed level gauges, for example, are especially suited to solid materials, such as powders and granulates, while floating level gauges are naturally suited for liquids. 

Rotary Bladed

Rotary Level gauges whose operation is based on the continous rotation of the blades, which stop themselves when meeting the resistance ...


Instruments whose operation is based on the variations of capacity to which the sensor is subject for immersion into or proximity to ...


Level gauges suitable for detecting the level of liquids in tanks and cisterns. The operation is based on a float which, if moved by ...

RPM Monitors

CAMLogic RPM Monitors are used to control the speed of handling and extraction facilities such as conveyor belts, elevators, ...


Sensors whose operation is based on the conductivity of the material, that upon entering in contact with the metal rods, causes the switching ...


Instruments whose operation depends on the fact that all the materials in powder or granules form, in the upper part of the silo, a cone ...

Flow meters

Instruments designed to measure the flow of liquids. Set in the path of the fluid stream, it translates the mechanical action of the ...


The operation of CAMLogic pressure activated level gauges is very simple: the pressure exerted by the material is transmitted to ...