CAMLogic has over 50 years of experience in the industrial automation sector. Dealing at first with the systems design and development, to later specialize in the production of level indicators and control instruments for companies in the ceramic, plastic, food, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, or for products like powders, solids and liquids.

In 1964 C.A.M. Costruzioni Elettriche Industriali is born from the idea of Pigozzi Amos, Camillo Ferri and with the subsequent entrance of Giovanni Guazzetti. The company designs and develops electrical control panels for industrial systems, with the relative assembly and testing on site at numerous industries of the time, such as GI e GI, SAIME, BAYER, Colorificio BONACA, Mangimificio KIEV, FATA S.p.a., GIZA, CIBA, FIAT AGES, PIRELLI (Bicocca, Cavi, Hellas, Grecia, Iraq, Bruxelles) and CIBEC.
In 1968, thanks to the experience gained in contact with important companies, it launched a production line dedicated to level sensors for solid and liquid materials. The great success led the company to abandon the world of industrial systems in the eighties, to focus on equipment and control instruments.
Subsequently, CAMLogic expands the range and introduces customizations and rotary, capacitive, floating, pendulum, conductive, pressure-activated or for high temperature materials instruments, plus flow meters and sensors for the automotive sector.

ATEX certification

The range of ATEX certified products developed through the years offers solutions designed for the contact with corrosive materials and/or the use in high temperatures, as well as the development of a new line of sensors (PFG09) ideal in presence of gas and flammable vapors and/or high temperature.
The organization of the company and the continuous research for quality allowed CAMLogic to immediately recognize the importance of the ATEX Directives and, starting from 2004, to certify its production process and the first products, together with the notified body TÜV.
  • University Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility “Leopoldo Nobili” UNI CEI EN 45001 Norm

Custom solutions

One of the main characteristics that distinguishes CAMLogic is the closeness with its customers, that led to the development of custom solutions born from the shared needs and problems with the sole objective of creating a strong partnership.
CAMLogic offers customization services of the measurement instruments and ad hoc products. Care at every stage of development, from design to production, up to assistance and sales.
The quality of CAMLogic products is guaranteed by the certifications obtained through the years.
CAMLogic si located in: Via dell’Industria 12-12/A - 42025 Cavriago (RE) Italy